Louise standing on the street next to sewer line

The Plumbing Ministry Foundation's

Testimony About us

The Plumbing Ministry plumbing company was created in 2006 for obedience to Jesus Christ & the faith of Christianity, gifted to Louis E. J. Ray Sr. born in Berkeley, California 11/15/1974.

In 1999, the Lord Jesus Christ rescued Louis from a life of crime, defeat, and hopelessness. After being called into the Plumbing Trade, through prayer, by a childhood friend (Jason Everette), Louis started at Harry Clark Plumbing, out of Oakland, CA. As a driver (10/2002), Louis was promoted to foreman after three short months and fell in love with the trade.

After 1yr at Harry Clark, ownership offered full paid trade school. Louis accepted and started learning at the PHCC apprenticeship program. Louis learned blueprint reading and materials recognition. Louis also learned plumbing systems design, sizing, installation, alteration, repair, replacement, and testing of the drain, vent, water supply, gas supply, water heater, finish plumbing, and troubleshooting. After 18 months of employment at Harry Clark, Louis was fired as a result of being falsely accused of stealing by an elder employee, with no evidence.

Louis called his 1st-year teacher at the PHCC and was directed to Albert Nahman’s plumbing company (4/2004). At this time, Louis was an expert at sewer lateral work with minor plumbing experience. Albert Nahman hired Louis and assigned him with Raul Hernandez. Raul mentored Louis In all plumbing operations. After 6 months of working under Raul, Louis was promoted to the service technician and earned his own vehicle. Louis was well versed in all aspects of plumbing except shower valve repair. Louis was afraid to fail at this type of repair.

At the PHCC apprenticeship class that week, Ray Bonetti was lecturing on the importance of courage and confidence in the service technician position. After the lecture, Louis was filled with confidence. The day after class, Louis was scheduled for a shower valve replacement. Upon arrival, the building occupant explained the shower valve symptoms. With the lecture still on his mind, Louis took the shower valve apart carefully and found rust debris clogging the pressure balance valve. Louis removed the debris, reinstalled the valve parts correctly, and presented the shower working as new again.

3 workers posing for a photo
A group of employees working with plumbing pipes and concrete

After this experience, Louis went on working for Albert Nahman and excelled in all that he did. In 2006, Louis convinced Albert Nahman to invest in sewer equipment (previously Albert did not accept sewer work). Louis had the 18 months sewer experience from Harry Clark and wanted it to benefit Albert Nahman’s plumbing company. Louis put together a team of men to start completing sewer projects for the company. As sewers required a separate contractor license class to fulfill the extent of sewer upgrades, Louis encouraged Albert to obtain the license. Albert declined. Louis heard the Holy Spirit say, “ Why don’t you get the license?” Louis agreed and perused the sewer contractor license to grow Albert’s company. After obtaining the sanitation systems contractors license, Louis presented his expansion plan to Albert. Albert seemed disappointed and declined Louis’ offer. Albert accused Louis of being a competitor. Soon after, Albert presented Louis the opportunity to leave the company.

On the faith of the Word of God, Louis left Albert’s company and started The Plumbing Ministry In April 2007. At that time, Louis volunteered at Acts Full Gospel Church’s Teen Ministry. The teens called Louis The Plumbing Minister. Everyone in the company couldn’t be the plumbing minister, so Ministry was plural and was most fitting. After working in the community he grew up in Oakland, CA. As the owner of The Plumbing Ministry, Louis believes it is God’s purpose for his life, to train up African American men in the plumbing trade.

On July 27, 2018, Louis’ cousin Derrick Alexander, 18 years old, who he helped raise, was tragically gunned down on 90th Ave. and MacArthur Boulevard In East Oakland. His nickname is Loupo. The training program is named after him.