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Sewer Lateral Compliance

We routinely check underwater pipes for any leaks or issues.
Sewer lateral compliance is our specialty! We provide free video inspections, wherever sewer compliance is mandatory. We also record the video at a small investment. Our lead technician communicates with sewer ordinance directors in your area, to prevent delays. We are informed on all alterations to individual sewer and sanitary districts. Contact us now for your free sewer lateral inspection.
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After flushing out your drains of any debris, we’ll check for leaks.
Our drain cleaning technicians are the best in the business. From sewer clogs all the way to storm drain clogs with standard dwelling fixtures in between. Kitchen sinks, bathroom lavatory, clothes washer drains, bathtubs, showers, floor drains and floor sinks. We alway perform the best service and give property owners multiple options for maintenance or permanent upgrades.
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Code Violation Correction

We check for improper and incorrectly installed materials.

We are trained in communication with all city and state inspectors. Once code violation notices or abatement notices are given to properties for plumbing, appliance or sewer safety, or operational corrections, we dispatch trained personnel to correct these issues at a savings to the property owner.

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Gas & Electric Trenches

We install gas & electric trenches, even within the same line.

We are PG&E certified, OQ excavators. This allows us to excavate trenches for PG&E underground utilities, gas and electric. We also excavate and install underground gas and electric lines for all residential and commercial properties, aside from PG&E projects. We have trench safety and confined space training.

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Our foundation of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, has established our relevance in the sewer and plumbing industry. With a wide range of services to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!


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